School Description


Soldotna High School was dedicated and officially established as a comprehensive high school on Sunday, November 2, 1980. Designed to accommodate 800 students, SoHi (as it is commonly referred to) began with 52 teachers and 25 support employees. During the three-year period before neighboring Skyview High School opened in 1990, SoHi averaged 850 students. When Skyview opened, enrollment at SoHi was cut in half. In 2014, the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District reconfigured Soldotna schools, transforming Skyview High School into Skyview Middle School. Additionally, Soldotna Middle School was converted to Soldotna Prep. School, which serves 9th grade students and shares an expanded campus with Soldotna High School.

According to the original architectural proposal, the design of Soldotna High School is based on a linear circulation spine from which the various elements of the facility function. The spine expands to become a student commons, which is the heart of the complex, allowing students to easily maintain their orientation within the facility. The commons functions as a cafeteria, lobby space for the gym and the theater, and an activity center for students as well as the community.

Extending from the multi-use commons are a twenty-five room academic wing, administrative offices, a media center, a vocational and technical education wing, a home economics facility, a special services wing, an 800 seat theater, a gymnasium capable of seating 1500 spectators, a swimming pool with a seating capacity for 500 spectators, and a food preparation facility. Adjacent to the school are tennis courts, a track, a football stadium, soccer fields, and a ski wax shack. Parking is provided for upward of 1000 vehicles.

The addition of Soldotna Prep School offers a unique and focused learning environment for 9th grade students, as well as expanded facilities for Soldotna High School athletics. Built in 1970, and remodeled in 1984, Soldotna Prep School has a capacity for 500 students, two gymnasiums, computer labs, and large, technologically advanced classrooms.


As with most schools over time, the faculty and staff of Soldotna High School have changed. However, many of the original staff members remain in the community, and a few are still employed by the school district. Many former staff members have gone on to serve in local and state government, or have taken seats on the school board. This benefits both the school and community when individuals have unique insights into the history of the school and understand its needs. The most significant changes in staffing occurred with the opening of Skyview High School in 1990, which effectively halved the staff at SoHi, and the reconfiguration in 2014 which both blended Skyview and Soldotna High staff as well as moving some faculty to Soldotna Prep School. Soldotna High School currently has 47 Certified faculty members with 8 non-tenured, and 34 support staff. 98% of the faculty at Soldotna High School is Highly Qualified in their subject area and 32 have Masters Degrees. Soldotna Prep School currently has 17 Certified faculty members with 3 non-tenured, and 14 support staff. 100% of the faculty at Soldotna Prep School is Highly Qualified in their subject area and 14 have Masters Degrees. Additionally, Soldotna Alternative School (SALT), which is housed within Soldotna High School and acts as an intervention for students deficient in credits, currently has two Certified faculty members.


Soldotna High School and Soldotna Prep School primarily serve students from the communities of Soldotna, Sterling, and Kasilof, grades 9-12. The school district maintains a policy of open attendance; students outside of the attendance area may attend SoHi. Open attendance also permits students living within the SoHi attendance area to attend other area schools.